In November 2003, my wife Roslynne and I felt the Lord call us out of full time pastoral ministry at Vision Christian Fellowship (VCF) to establish Healing Rooms in Canberra (Australia) and to spread the ministry throughout this nation under His guidance. He confirmed this with many prophetic words and in several other ways.

We truly believe this ministry is part of God’s plan to assist in bringing unity to the church in our city and also to see many ‘unchurched’ people come into the Kingdom of God. There’s great power in unity. 'One will put one thousand to flight, two ten thousand' —Deut 32:30.

A wonderful aspect of Healing Rooms ministry is that it is a ‘whole-body’ ministry. Many come from several different churches to facilitate healing to the community. The Holy Spirit doesn’t have to ‘bounce off’ denominational barriers in order to get the work done. Where there is unity the Lord COMMANDS a blessing. Ps 133:3

Capital Healing Rooms (CHR) was opened on 19 June 2004 on a cold and wet winter morning. Since that time we have had many thousands of visitors. So many have testified to the presence of God they feel as they enter the Healing Rooms. One lady said a few weeks before Christmas in our first year “I’m not sure how I came to get here. I came to Fyshwick to drop something off at a business and the next thing I knew I was in your offices”. That lady received powerful deliverance as the Holy Spirit ministered to her.

We are affiliated with Healing Rooms Australia and the International Association of Healing Rooms in Spokane Washington which was birthed out of the ministry of John G. Lake who operated Healing Rooms in Spokane in the early part of last century. In a 5 year period from 1915 - 1920 the Healing Rooms in Spokane under Lake’s leadership had over 100,000 documented healings. Spokane was declared “the healthiest city in the world” at that time. Read more about the Spokane Healing Rooms here.

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The Lord has met all our needs every step of the way and we are convinced the best is yet to come. Our vision is to make God famous in the Nation’s Capital so that all will know that Jesus is alive and well and healing today just as He has always done. We currently have a growing team of prayer servants from 12 churches in the city. Please browse the hundreds of testimonies on our testimony page to see what Jesus has accomplished in just the last 15 years at CHR.


Welcome to our site and come and visit us some time.

Martyn & Roslynne Ritchard